30 Top Marrakech Travel Tips

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We are excited to welcome you to Morocco. We hope our 30 top Marrakesh travel tips help you prepare for your trip. To make your trip a memorable one.

1.Chill out and enjoy Marrakech
Marrakesh is a busy place. The best way to soak in the atmosphere is to chill out and relax.

2. Wear comfy shoes
Your feet are made for walking! You’ll do a lot of walking in Marrakech. The streets are often uneven or cobbled. It’s important that you wear comfy shoes.

3. Don’t drink tap water
It’s best to avoid drinking tap water. It can cause tummy issues.

4. Avoid having ice
Avoid having ice as it can cause tummy issues.

5. Get ready to get lost!
Most people get lost in Marrakesh as the streets look similar. With the narrow winding streets of the Medina and little signage. Be prepared to get lost now and again. When you go into Jemaa el Fna the main square remember a few landmarks. Google maps come in really handy.

6. Be prepared to haggle
Many of the shop keepers ask for high prices, especially for tourists. Be prepared to haggle to get the best price. It’s also worth shopping around as many shops sell similar items.

7. Leave space in your suitcase
Marrakesh is a shoppers haven. Make sure you have space in your suitcase to take home some treasures.

8. Taking pictures
Morocco is a beautiful country. Make sure you take plenty of pictures. If you take pictures of street performers. They will ask you for money.

9. Bring a European adaptor
If you don’t use European plug remember to bring your adaptor.

10. What to wear
The local women are usually very covered up. Marrakesh is used to tourists. It is best to dress modestly. To avoid unwanted attention to yourself. In the summer wear thin loose clothing.

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11. Smile and keep on walking
All sorts of people will call you into their shops. To their stalls, to drink their juice or for any other reason. Just smile and keep on walking.

12. Don’t Take Help from Strangers on the Street
As we mentioned before it is likely you will get lost in Marrakech. This will probably be the moment that a stranger will offer to show you the way. Be prepared to pay for their help.

13. Travel with Moroccan dirhams
ATMs are difficult to find in the city. It is easier to take Moroccan dirhams with you. It’s good to have change on you. It will make things a lot easier when giving tips, in the shops. Or when using taxis.

14. Keep hydratedIn the summer (May-August)
Marrakech reaches desert-like temperatures. It is best to explore in the morning or the late afternoon. Keep hydrated.

15. Useful words or phrases
It’s always good to know some useful words or phrases. French and Arabic are the two predominant languages spoken. Locals may also speak English.
Hello – As Salamu alaikum – translates into ‘peace be with you’.
Thank you – Shukran
No Thank you – La Shukran
Yes – Naam

Useful video to watch – if you’re a fast learner.

16. Food
It’s best to eat the local dishes as they are freshly cooked. You can eat from the main square. The food is freshly prepared and cheaper than the high-end restaurants. You have to try the tagine; a stew. Usually, with chicken, lamb, beef or vegetables cooked and served in a clay pot called Tagine. For those of you that like couscous Friday’s are couscous days.

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17. Tours
When you ask the price of the tours people quote you various prices. For competitive prices book your Morocco tour with us..

18. Taxi Fares
Before your journey begins agree the price of your taxi fare. If you are staying at a hotel ask hotel staff, how much a taxi journey should cost and tell the driver. They usually agree to the price.

19. Tips
It is part of the culture to give tips. Make sure you have coins and small bills with you when you are out and about.

20. Weather
Marrakech is a popular destination with nearly year-round sunshine. Summers (May – August) can get quite hot. With the temperature near 100 degrees F while the winter months can get chilly. With night time temperatures dipping into the 30 degrees F range. March-May and September-October are generally pleasant with highs in the 70s and 80s.

21. Mint-tea
Make sure you experience authentic mint tea when visiting. It is usually served as a sign of welcome. A blend of green tea and fresh mint it is traditionally served. It can be very sweet.

Islam is the official state religion of Morocco. You will hear the call to prayer ring throughout the city 5 times per day. (including early morning) In general, non-Muslims are not allowed inside mosques. Friday is the Muslim day of prayer and you may find some businesses and restaurants closed.

23.Toilet Paper
Not all public toilets have toilet paper. It’s best to carry your own. If there is a restroom attendant you should leave a small tip.

24. Stay alert on the streets
Like any other city, you have to stay alert on the streets. Bikes, donkeys, cats, and people are head towards you. The sound of the stalls and sellers can be overwhelming if you are not used to the streets of Marrakech.

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25. Don’t miss the sunset
You can see the sunset in one of the restaurants in the main square. Or climb up to one of the rooftop terraces overlooking Jemaa el Fna. As the call to prayer sounds out over the old city for a truly magical experience.

26. Internet
Your accommodation should have internet. You can go to an Orange store https://www.orange.ma/ and buy a local SIM card. if your phone is unlocked to all networks.

27. Avoid the monkeys
If a local gives you a monkey to have a picture taken with. They want money for the photo. Some of the monkeys are not treated well. It is best to avoid them.

28. Experience the horses and carriages
Look out for the horses with a yellow band around their legs. They are checked by vets and the owners are regulated by the authorities.

29. Take a day trip
Get out of the city to explore Morocco. We offer 1 day tours

30. Spend all your cash before leaving
Unless you are planning to visit Morocco in the future. Spend all your cash before leaving. Morocco has a closed currency, so you can’t exchange MAD outside of the country.

31. Chill and soak up the atmosphere
Most importantly relax, chill and enjoy the atmosphere in Marrakech. If you have any questions get in touch with us. We hope you enjoy your experience in our beautiful city.

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