Little Insight to Morocco Travel Click

Said Agaoujil is originally from the desert. 8 years ago he had the vision to support the local community. All of the tours are run by the local population, the transport, tour guides, excursions. The locals are inevitably the ones that have the best knowledge. Said loves to share his culture and wants people to experience the Moroccan way of life, and get to know his country and the Berber communities.

Said Agaoujil

He is proud of his heritage and loves sharing it with others and wants you to experience Morocco with the people that live there and know the country inside and out. Said has always ensured that all the local tour guides speak English.

In 2017 a relationship blossomed between East and West. I travelled with my family to Morocco and fell in love with this mystical country. We were introduced to Said’s agency through a friend when I met Said we instantly had a connection. My wife and I sat for hours speaking to Said and learning about his family and the desert. It was clear that we both had a passion for authentic travel experiences.

When we came back to the UK we all kept in touch and our friendship blossomed. I returned to Morocco in 2018 to stay with Said and explore Morocco. We had the same vision, to support the local community and to help people discover one of the most beautiful places on earth. We put our vision into action and have become partners in Morocco Online Tours, we want others to experience the beauty of Morocco the way that we did.

That’s me (Haris) and my son in 2017 in Marrakech

We offer local knowledge and expertise, helping you get behind the scenes and experience the Moroccan culture first hand. Our tours are authentic and fun. As we know we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

With our website and seo marketing skills in the UK and Saids’ expertise in the tourism industry in Morocco, our company has grown. We now have offices in the UK and Marrakech. We bought an expired domain www.moroccotravel-click.com to further push Said’s Marrakech tour guide business.