Marrakech Camel Ride

Marrakech is a busy city! If you are feeling active and want to have a change of scenery away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, our Marrakech camel ride is perfect for you. Camels are known as the ‘ships of the desert’ and are a beautiful way to enjoy the Marrakech desert. The palm groves of Marrakech are a perfect place to explore the exceptional surroundings of the city. You will be able to experience the magic of the desert caravans that used the same paths between the Sahara and the Atlantic.

We offer you private tours suitable for 2 persons or large groups of families or friends. You will be picked up from your riad, hotel or from our office in our air-conditioned vehicle. Sit back and enjoy the drive to the Marrakech Desert and get ready for your camel ride.

Camel Riding Experience

One of the great things about having the camel riding experience is that is suitable for all ages. This family-friendly excursion can be tailored to suit your needs.

First, you will get into costume! You will wear the traditional protective scarf that the people of the desert wear. Get ready to learn how to mount, and ride a camel. Get to know your camel, they all have names of course! Get into the rhythm of riding your camel and soak in the peaceful atmosphere and the oasis views.

Your camel riding experience will last for 1 hour. You will have plenty of time to take photos. End your authentic Moroccan experience with fresh mint tea in a tranquil setting.

Marrakech Camel Riding Price

Our Marrakech Camel Riding Prices for the camel riding experience are very competitive. We are also flexible with the timing which makes it easy for you to plan your day in advance.

We have 3 options for departure time 9 am, 2 pm or 4 pm. Our air-conditioned vehicle will pick up from your Riad, hotel or from your office in Marrakech. Transportation is included in the price, we will drop you off to your riad, hotel or office when you have finished your tour.

The price per person is 27 euros, we believe in offering a personal service your tour will be private. Get your friends and families together and make memories!